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My Poshmark story really starts with Arbonne!

My entire life I had struggled with my weight and at 37 years old, I basically decided I just needed to focus on how to be happy, no matter my size. However, my health and marriage were both suffering so I decided to open myself up again to the idea of a lifestyle change. A friend talked to me about the 30 day clean eating challenge with Arbonne and like most of my responses to diets, I was quite skeptical. However, I had a few people tell me amazing things about Arbonne's products and I figured that I really had nothing to lose.

11 months later, I had lost over 60lbs and was literally feeling better than I had my entire life. Headaches that used to put me out for days were a thing of the past (even I couldn't believe it) and I had so much energy, I hardly knew what to do with myself. It literally transformed me and my life!

The only downside, if you could call it that, is that I needed to buy an entirely new wardrobe! I also figured that it would be great to sell my old clothes since they completely didn't fit me anymore...this is why I started selling on Poshmark! Quickly my old clothes started selling and I ran out of inventory...so, I decided I needed to actually start sourcing!

I never considered myself to be a 'fashion' person, which is why I am probably the most shocked and surprised at how much I absolutely LOVED poshing!! But there was something for me about the joy of the hunt for new inventory, the photography aspects (another way for me to utilize one of my passions!) as well as the joy of taking an old piece of clothing that someone had discarded and making it beautiful again! ALL of it excited and tantalized me...and here I am years later, with over 600 sales under my belt and still absolutely loving it! I have also recently hosted Asheville's very first Posh N Sip and plan on working more on the local community aspects of Poshmark.

Please contact me with any questions! I love sharing my newfound healthy lifestyle as well as my rediscovered love for fashion!!

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